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Priscilla Hernandez with endorsed Kantele

Photo by Sebastia Pagarolas

Above: Priscilla Hernandez live in Faerieworlds (Oregon, USA)

Above: Priscilla Hernandez live in London (UK) playing hammered dulcimer

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The mission of “COOL MUSIC INSTRUMENT” is helping to find discover cool instruments... how they sound, how they´re played... and hopefully to inspire you as listeners and music creators.

My name is  Priscilla Hernandez (visual artist, composer and singer-songwriter). I own an independent company label called "Yidneth" in which I released my debut album Ancient Shadows late 2006 that has gathered several international awards in its genre (ethereal gothic/ambient/new age). Though as a singer my main instrument is my voice, I've developed a love for learning new instruments and also enjoy spending my time investigating and reading about them So that finally rendered the creation to this blog, also in correspondence and gratitude to all those makers that have gifted me instruments to create music with, and also to  share my passion writing about cool music instruments, lessons, tutorials, oddities... and other enjoyable things for the music instruments lovers. We will cover all kind of instruments including virtual (VSTs) and aside of the articles will provide in depth review of the ones that reach our hands. Also if will be fully credited if manage to include it in our music.

All articles will keep on being updated and upgraded constantly, the idea is not static entry blog system, but fill with information, links the already existing list of instruments... so we welcome all your feedback if you master one rare instrument and want to provide information about. Also because of that, feel free to return and check your favorite instrument information, lessons and more growing.For crafters and shops if you want me to make an article of your products we will be pleased to see your product. Contact us for any questions or suggestions. Sponsor spot is reserved to those companies that have provided us instruments but we make articles about all kind of things so we encourage the contact. Don't forget to visit our sponsors too! :)

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