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DIJBOW - Harmonic String / Didgeridoo
Electric single string on a bronze didgeridoo! DIJBOW web page:
DIJBOW Playing instruments
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Andy Graham's Electric Stringed Didgeridoo
This is an instrument I invented almost 10-years ago. I recently revived it and started running it through a digitech RP1000 guitar processor for the stringed part. The didgeridoo is simply miced and run through a PA with some reverb. -Andy Graham
Drum loop, Electric Stringed Didgeridoo Playing instruments
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Chinese Zither Chinese Zither Playing instruments
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24-string bass, aluminium fretboard Playing instruments
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Slaperoo Slaperoo Playing instruments
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Harpejji harpejji Playing instruments
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Electric door
A Cool electric door as an electric dulcimer.
door Playing instruments
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Demo of the KITARA: guitar-based with synth onboard
Michael Zarimis is presenting the Misa Digital Kitara an experimental new instrument, similar to an electric guitar in shape, but with an interface designed to easily and intuitively control digital audio.
guitar synth General
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"Jal-Tarang" vintage music instrument from India made of ceramic bowls
"Jal" means water, "Tarang" means Vibration. The Jal Tarang is a melodic percussive instrument used in India and used in classical repertoire of music from this country. The ceramic bowls are tuned with water and played with bamboo sticks in both hands.
Jal-Tarang Playing instruments
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Water Pipe Organ
Two people playing "House of the Rising Sun" on the hydraulophone (water pipe organ flute which is the fountain outside the Ontario Science Centre).
Water Pipe Organ Playing instruments
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Trance music with a guitar
Amazing trance or electronic style kind of music with a guitar.
guitar Playing instruments
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20 String Harp Guitar
Farewell composed on the harpguitar. Joan Doan.
Harp guitar Playing instruments
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Improvisation in Double Ocarina by Hind Ocarina
Charlie Hind (crafter and instrument maker of shows you how to play his wondrous Double Ocarina, a truly polyphonic double chamber ocarina in which you can play two melodies at the same time.
Double Ocarina Playing instruments
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How to play overtone flute in 5 minutes
Overtone flute playing course by Max Brumberg, learn how to play the overtone in 5 minutes. descriptions of playing techniques and samples.
Flute, Overtone Learning tutorials
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Konevitsan kirkko performed in 38 strings kantele
Playing a 38 strings Kantele. Traditional Finnish instrument.
Kantele Playing instruments