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Membrane pipe - bagpipe
Playing a Membrane bagpipe. Made from recycled/reused materials
Bagpipe Playing instruments
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Nadishana, concert at Sattelite Cafe (excerpts)
Vladiswar Nadishana Playing various exotic instruments.
fujara, futujara, harp, jews, khomus, kou, mandola, udu, vargan, xiang, варган In concert
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Ugly stick
Playing the Ugly stick in the kitchen. :)
Ugly stick Playing instruments
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Fingernails dulcimer
Playing a hammer dulcimer with fingernails
Hammer dulcimer Playing instruments
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Laser Harp
Playing the laser harp connected to a synth. The harp is driven by an Arduino (Boarduino varation) and connected to the impOSCar VSTi software synthesizer, the TAOS sensor array sits on the floor in it's own stand.
Laser harp Playing instruments
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Jimmy on the Calliope
Playing a calliope. Funny music
Calliope, Fun Playing instruments
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Introduction of handmade vegetable musical instruments
I introduce the vegetable musical instruments made this time. There are eight kinds of vegetable musical instruments. Please enjoy various sounds. subtitles Then, let's introduce the vegetable musical instruments that can have been done this time. It is a carrot ocarina first. And, it is an ocarina of a white radish in Japan that can have done this time.
Ocarina Playing instruments
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megabass waterphone demonstration
Richard Waters, inventor of the waterphone demonstrates various techniques of playing the megabass waterphone
Waterphone Playing instruments
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a few DIY homemade musical instruments from Dennis Havlena
Playing various home made instruments: 3 string cookie-tin banjo with weed, Tambiro, Fiddle-Gurdy, 4 string wash-tub bass, Fiddle, Low D Tin-Whistle, Octave Mandolin
Various Playing instruments