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Hulusi Chinese flute Hulusi Chinese Gourd Flute
Hulusi chinese fluteThe name of the instrument southestern China traditional instrument Hulusi comes The instrument's name comes from the Chinese words hulu, meaning "gourd," and si, meaning "silk" (because of the smooth  pure and very like clarinet or oboe  sound it makes). Though obviusly related to chinese music it's become a very popular instrument in many countries.It's an end blown free reed wind instrument. It is held vertically and has three bamboo pipes which pass through a...
aeolian harp plans Aeolian harp... an instrument played by the wind
Above: Aeloian harp made by Harp Maker The Aeolian harp   (read the wikipedia article )  is named after Aeolus the ancient greek god of the wind. They're sometimes called "harmonic harps". They originated in ancient Greece and flourished through the Renaissance era becoming very popular n the Romantic Era.  The traditional aeolian harp is essentially a wooden box soundboard with strings stretched lengthwise across two bridges. It is placed in a slightly opened window...
Sheng Sheng (Chinese mouth Organ): one of the oldest wind instruments
Dragon tooth ocarina Song Bird Ocarina: Some lovely sculpted ocarinas
I was introduced myself to the sweet sound of ocarinas by my friend Charlie Hind from Hind Ocarinas... He makes ocarinas in wood and  since I've developed a love for its sweet mellow sound...  Maybe you might be familiar with this instrument  with origins in Africa more than 30000 years ago due to the videogame "Legend of Zelda" that made it more popular and demanded.
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