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ektara one string instrument Ektara and gopichand: one string percussive instrument from India
  The ektara  is simple yet cool  rhythmic/percussive  folk instrument and  has one single  bowstring used mostly by wandering bards and minstrels from India and Bangladesh (called Baul), and when striked by the hand,the scale/pitch is changed too like in the african talking drum. The name Ektara comes from the Hindi and Bengali and means  "Ek" means one, "tar"  string. It is also known as "Gopichand" (or gopiyantra)
Hang drum The Hang: No it's not an UFO it's one of the most cool percussion instruments ever!
No, it is not a wok, and it is not an UFO out of the 50´s scifi movies...It resembles  an inverted steel drum, and it sound is somehow similar yet more tribal and hypnotic, relaxing and serene. The instrument has a soft, sorrowful, melancholic tone  a perfect companion for emotional  and ambient music.Despite its rarity (and price) it's been embraced by many hippy communities and musicians on the street (sure a great inversion) and it's quickly become an sensation  and new...
Aquaggaswack Aquaggaswack: experimental sounds with recycled household instruments
The Aquaggaswack is an  odd  music instrument with an equally odd and difficult to spell name. This interesting musical instrument was first made  as mentioned by Curtis Settino,  being composed of a medley of unique household instruments, all hung from a framework of metal  galvanized plumbing pipes in a way easy to assemble and break down into pieces to  be easy  to transport..  First version was built in1996 and it was featured in an issue of...
waterphone Richard Waters and the eerie sound of the WATERPHONE
Yes, you've listened to it... but  most of you don't know how it's called, or how it looks.strange isn't it?
Oscar Tribal Thunder
The Oscar Tribal thunder is a kind of "hank" drum  creation from  Oscar de Los Santos from Tribal Thunder is easily playable with your fingers/hands or the included mallets for greater volume. Rank beginners will have hours of fun instantly with no noisy learning curve! This instrument is about 12" across and less than 6" high (weight about 6 pounds), but INCREDIBLY responsive. It is a resonator (no holes or ports, the sounds flows from within), tuned to 6 or 8 notes that sound as...
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