Oscar Tribal Thunder

The Oscar Tribal thunder is a kind of "hank" drum  creation from  Oscar de Los Santos from Tribal Thunder is easily playable with your fingers/hands or the included mallets for greater volume. Rank beginners will have hours of fun instantly with no noisy learning curve!
This instrument is about 12" across and less than 6" high (weight about 6 pounds), but INCREDIBLY responsive. It is a resonator (no holes or ports, the sounds flows from within), tuned to 6 or 8 notes that sound as clear as a Tibetan Bell or Tingsha - and resonating just as long! You can easily play many multi-tonal sounds by tapping with different pressure, muting, or play full chords by striking more than one tongue! As suitably perfect for meditation as it is for a drum jam...or anywhere you feel like some music - easily played in your lap, on a tabletop or under your arm.

Since these have a relatively small footprint, you could surround yourself in a ring of differently tuned Oscar™ drums, or play with a group  -  and create your own orchestral soundscape!

Above: Picture of my own Oscar Tribal Thunder drum custom hand painted in purple gradient

My model is in Dminor but it can be done in other scales as well.

I know that many people may end up purchasing a hank drum when they are looking for a HANG (the very exclusive drums designed by Pan Art) They are certainly not the same thing, and that is precisely good. The Oscar has a lovely bell-sound quite distant from the more "caribbean steel drum" type of sound that the hang creates. And they are both amazing as different instruments despite their similar shape. The hang and hank are "companions" and are meant to jam together. And believe me jamming with this lovely oscar drum is soothing and rock! Below you can see me having fun with it! :) (<--proud owner) In my band it is my partner who often jam with it, being in Dminor works great along with someone playing the recorder in C, and the most haunting melodies arises.

I've featured it in several of my upcoming album songs. It really has a soothing relaxing sound and it also makes it a wonderful item for healing and music therapy.


And below a detail just cos it's way cool!