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Hulusi Chinese flute Hulusi Chinese Gourd Flute
Hulusi chinese fluteThe name of the instrument southestern China traditional instrument Hulusi comes The instrument's name comes from the Chinese words hulu, meaning "gourd," and si, meaning "silk" (because of the smooth  pure and very like clarinet or oboe  sound it makes). Though obviusly related to chinese music it's become a very popular instrument in many countries.It's an end blown free reed wind instrument. It is held vertically and has three bamboo pipes which pass through a...
erik flutemaker Erik the Flutemaker
I have myself two bamboo flutes from this maker, they┬┤re really not very expensive and are really rich in tone. I've tried some cheap bansuris in local music stores and they were like crazy out of tune or were way too much hard to blow. I have a G concert pitch (doesn't mean that the others are not in tune but he sells a model concert-pitch if you need to make sure it's 440 and perfectly balanced) and I have also a minor flute (from the exotic scales he also makes). I've successfully recorded...
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