Aquaggaswack: experimental sounds with recycled household instruments


The Aquaggaswack is an  odd  music instrument with an equally odd and difficult to spell name. This interesting musical instrument was first made  as mentioned by Curtis Settino,  being composed of a medley of unique household instruments, all hung from a framework of metal  galvanized plumbing pipes in a way easy to assemble and break down into pieces to  be easy  to transport..  First version was built in1996 and it was featured in an issue of Experimental Musical Instruments back in December of 1998. A good example of how to create music recycling materials.

The first version of the Aquaggaswack dated in 1996 was narrower and only had 18 pot lids and no  outer sections. The second and improved version was  made in 1998, with 29 pot lids representing a majority of the notes in an octave, plus some quarter-tones. The center lids have mostly "bell"-like tones and the outer sets have a more "gong"-like tone. All the lids were obtained from thrift stores and friends and can be played with mallets, sticks and brushes.  At various times both versions of the Aquaggaswack also included a cymbal, jingle bells, a cowbell with clacker and a mine cylinder

In Spain  is currently  known as "Carrillón de tapaderos" and you can read some guidelines about how to make your own one in this article  (Spanish)

And if you are wondering about how it sounds like...  and looks like in action you can watch the following video.