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Playing a Membrane bagpipe. Made from recycled/reused materials

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Vladiswar Nadishana Playing various exotic instruments.

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Playing the Ugly stick in the kitchen. :)

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Playing a hammer dulcimer with fingernails

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Playing the laser harp connected to a synth. The harp is driven by an Arduino (Boarduino varation) and connected to the impOSCar VSTi software synthesizer, the TAOS sensor array sits on the floor in it's own stand.

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Playing a calliope. Funny music

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I introduce the vegetable musical instruments made this time.
There are eight kinds of vegetable musical instruments.
Please enjoy various sounds.


Then, let's introduce the vegetable musical instruments that can have been done this time.
It is a carrot ocarina first.
And, it is an ocarina of a white radish in Japan that can have done this time.
The octave is geted down from the carrot ocarina.
The broccoli ocarina was made.
A good sound is not heard because only such a broccoli was obtained this time. And, a carrot ocarina of the slide type and this carrot ocarina is different the sound hole. When the breath is put here, something is heard. It shaped
The paprika was punctured. When the breath is put here, such a sound is heard. It is an owl. Carrot panpipe. When the breath is put in this, such a sound is heard. Similary asparagus panpipe was made. However, a good sound is not heard. It is a trumpet of the cucumber and the paprika in the end. There were musical instruments that looked alike also in the vegetable orchestra. Moreover, when musical instruments can be done, I introduces it. Thank you.

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Playing various home made instruments: 3 string cookie-tin banjo with weed, Tambiro, Fiddle-Gurdy, 4 string wash-tub bass, Fiddle, Low D Tin-Whistle, Octave Mandolin

Luna guitars celtic

Luna Guitars  is a company specializing  in guitars and other stringed instruments  such us banjos, mandolins, bass, ukeleles...The company was founded in 2005 by designer Yvonne de Villiers  and is based in  Florida.Luna's mission statement is: "To craft fine stringed instruments with artistic sensibility that are comfortable, affordable, and inspire people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey."

See for yourself...  they are probably the prettiest guitars in the world... and actually. and actually they have indeed some of the prettiest designs I've seen! The look is stunning, the colors sometimes vibrant and daring... even having a "Fantasie" series portraying preraphaelite paintings printed in the body of the guitar.  Definitely eye-catchy, they deserve a look, but they are also high quality instruments at reasonable price.


Luna´s product line is definitely eye-catching, but they are also high quality instruments at reasonable price.  With a design that maximizes playing comfort, they're very light instruments with slim necks that sound great (it looks like a must option for me that I have little hands!), making it the most preferred option for many well known artists. Many of the designs look organic and inspired by nature and it's precisely in the looks where Luna guitars have one of their most solid and biggest assets. Not only they sound pretty... they are pretty!

Above: Inspiration and story about Luna guitars. You can see a selection of videos at their youtube channel. Also feel free to network with them at their facebook profile.


Dragonfly luna guitar

Above: My favorite looking (sigh) maybe because I have an obsession for dragonflies and it features a trio of inlaid dragonflies gathered around the sound hole on a solid spruce top to make the Oracle Dragonfly among Luna Guitars' most distinctive models. Simply magical! I'd love to grab one of these!! Isn´t it pretty?

Some of the models feature 12 strings like this Trinity 12 stringed, also with a lovely sound hole in the shape of a Celtic knot. Great looking for Celtic and folk bands! The Trinity series is somehow one of the classic images you relate with Luna guitars. Below: bouzouki with the trinity symbol, I have a fellow band member that would love this one! :)


Also they feature "smaller" models of guitars acoustic and electric making it more easy to travel with for those with a wandering soul.

They also make bass (both acoustic and electric) and electric guitars for those with a more rocking heart!

  Raven Bass 

Above: Raven bass, dark, elegant,  great looking for Goth  bands! gorgeous! 

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Richard Waters, inventor of the waterphone demonstrates various techniques of playing the megabass waterphone

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