Ron Ewing Dulcimers

Ron Ewing  has built and played about 1700 dulcimers since 1970 to date and can offer his customers the benefit of considerable experience as both a craftsman and a musician.he does build fine, attractive instruments at reasonable prices, in a variety of styles, and use only solid domestic and imported woods, selected for their tonal quality, beauty, and compatibility.  Ron  studied engineering and English Lit in college before he got the bug to build and play upon hearing a recording of the wonderful Richard and Mimi Farina.  he apprenticed with Chet Hines - a retired civilian engineer by trade, and a builder and player of some renown in his later years.  He grew up in southern Ohio and learned the craft from his grandfather. After a couple of years he took over production and built about 200 dulcimers for Chet before heading off on his own to study guitar building and develop my own mix of the traditional and modern. 

As a musician he  has performed and taught throughout the country and is particularly known for his lively renditions of traditional Irish, Appalachian, and Euro dance tunes.  He has  guested on several recordings, including Jerry Rockwell's wonderful, "The Blackbird and the Beggarman." Most recently, I can be found playing the Irish slip jig "Drops of Brandy" with Jerry Rockwell and Leo Kretzner on "Dulcimer Celebrations" -  a collection of live performances from Mountain Dulcimer Week at Western Carolina University. 

You can visit, order and buy from his store at Ron Ewing Dulcimers

Priscilla Hernandez and Ron Ewing

I am by the way the happy owner of one of Ron Ewing Baritone dulcimers and also I have one of his very useful capos. Below you can see a picture of me and Ron in his visit to us in Barcelona. I'm holding a Baritone and he´s holding a small "dulcimette" (lovely to travel with due to be so small and light)

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