The haunting "Sea Organ" in Zadar, Croatia an instrument played by the ocean

Croatia sea organ

We had previously covered the Aeolian harp as an instrument played by nature in that case the wind. In this case we are going to talk about the  deep and natural sound of  enormous and misterious ocean sings through the unique Sea Organ  (Morske ogulje) an experimental musical instrument which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps. Designed by award-winning architect Nikola Basic and built in 2005 the Sea Organ is located  in Zadar, Croatia,and indeed has highlighted this location on the map becoming  a great touristic attraction made out of a previous ugly concrete area into a elegant architectural element and soothing instrument. The Sea organ is in fact a giant  70 meters long instrument has 35 pipes and resonating underwater cavity so the waves create random harmonics.

 At any given moment listeners can hear at least five pipes played in harmony by the waves and wind movements. Though random and unpredictable, the final result heard   is  surprisingly harmonious due tot he arrangement of the notes the pipes play meant to sound good together which plays music by way of the waves and tubes located underneath a set of long steps. Such nature-affected instruments are often called "aerophones". This page has a sample of "sea Organ" sounds. Below you can watch a video also to see and listen how the Sea Organ works and haunt the visitors with its unique sound. Sure it makes a great place to soothe your senses and gaze into the blue.


The air holes "breathe in" the wind along the shore, and the pipes hidden deep underwater make lower sounds.

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