How to make pvc overtone flutes and Fujara

Paul Marshall youtube channel includes several how to make inexpensive overtone flutes and fujaras (slovak bass overtone flute) out of PVC pipes. If I were crafty I'd be trying right away, and even not being I feel quite tempted to try. I was gifted an overtone flute by my friend Corwen and I saw how easy it turned out to be made and how in tune it actually plays. So here I leave you with a couple of videos.. if you love the overtone sounds and have a limited budget on your pocket, then check these videos:




A follow on from the overtone flute makling episode. This time I pay some attention to the sharp edge to generate a clearer note



The much requested details on how to control the airflow for this great sounding instrument based on the Slovakian Shepherd's Overtone Flute the Fujara



Here I leave you a video with some tips of how to play an overtone flute by Max Brumberg... tips and basic technique in five minutes