Paetzold Square bass and Double bass recorders

Paetzold recorders

Huge and rather rare looking... a mix of retro and futuristic design the Paetzold recorders ( Paetzold Bassblockflöten) are one of the largest recorders ever made with an unusual appearance and a deep sound,  made in 4 parts the keys are made of  flat pieces of wood.  And inspired in  organ pipes, the tube has an "S" and not straight allowing a longer column of air.

There are different  versions going from Bass, to Sub-bass and contrabass model. A visual explanation and description is shown in the video below:

In this site you can see how these recorder fingering works

The range of Paetzold square bass recorders is the same as standard bass recorders approximately two octaves (A-440). Four sizes are now available a bass (new) in f, a greatbass in c (an octave below a tenor), a contrabass if F (one octave below Even on the lowest bottom notes, is very strong, in contrast to many other maker's low instruments. The instruments speak easily over the full two-octave range. Articulation is quick and light. They all have double keys for the bottom two notes. A hard case and a stand is available for each instrument.  Although they are indeed not cheap a square  bass recorder can be half the price of a traditional bass recorder, and we don't need to say that there are also larger models than can go lower in tone.
The waiting time for delivery is two to four months.
If you want to know more or simply purchase one I recommend you the german site that is specialized in  Paetzold recorders from the maker Herbert Paetzold

Where to buy one:

As first point to see as I said check Herbert´s site at

If you're based in Europe you can buy one for example from  some big music  stores (based in Germany) they sell to several countries in the continen. There you can get a Paetzold contrabass recorder  available from store ( Subbass recorder ) F in 3 parts, a'=442 Hz, chromatically playable over 2 octaves , square construction, size: 152 cm, height of the air column ca. 175 cm, birch plywood, 2 pitch plates, incl. case, normally played whilst seated.

From England you can purchase it from The Early music Store

 These recorders are now distributed in the US by the Boulder Early Music Shop

The sound indeed is very deep and somehow even mystic, and  a lot of effects can be done including beatboxing making all sorts of unusual sounds.
In this youtube video you can dive into the deep sound of this recorders