Wood Violins: Electric Violins violas and cellos (and also with frets if you want!)

Viper electric violinsabre electric violin

Above: Viper and Sabre  electric violin from Wood Violins

I've always been in love with bowed strings, that´s the reason why there is so much cello and violin in my own music. I've always felt a deep respect and praise for classical music and film scores, and I really thank when modern genres become daring enough to incorporate "classical" instruments to sound in a different edgier way. 

And thus I landed into Wood violins  looking for fretted  bowed instruments, after covering previously the amazing guitar viols and with an article about fretted  classical ancient viols that is  on the making and coming soon,  my search and happy customer reviews lead me to Wood Violins which seems to be pretty popular. Hand built and crafted in the USA this company  states that they are meant to "completely revolutionize the string world"  and being aware that is a company made by string players for string players and that way  really know their task coming from accoustic instruments we can conclude that we refer to about  electric violins, violas and cellos (and hopefully soon bass too)  that despite being electric, still allow the player to convey emotion and  incredible expressiveness 

Also the option (your choice) of being able to have frets make you able to explore a wider vaeirety of chordal patterns and makes it easier for intonation. Thus you can move up and down the fingerboard like a electric guitar player thing that is extremely difficult in a classical non fretted instrument. In fact for those coming from guitar playing and not from violin they offer a six string model tuned and fretted in a similar way so they can explore this new realm of bowing.

Here you can see a video demo with what you will see and expect from Wood violins explained by owner and operator of the company Mark Wood

Wood violins patented design is unique..  and really gorgeous looking, closer though to "electric guitars" look than to classical it will be delight of metal and rock bands, but beware classical players... they really sound good so do not underestimate them because your previous exprience with electric have been dissapointed! As they say "these are very cool instruments aimed at players who are anxious to explore new territory" They  are very passionate and committed about providing highly specialized customer support to our clients both before and after your purchase and will help you with amp options, pedal choices, music and exercise books and lots of other stuff. They also have a message board and community a great resource  where users share their thoughs and ideas.

cobra electric cello

Being in a band where cello is so important,  you face quite often the fact that it's a rather voluminous instrument to travel with but most of the electric cellos lack the emotion or the feeling toCobra cello and how really amazing it sounds. And with frets too, so my talented band member could use it but even i'd feel encouraged to learn! (can I hold a sigh!) And also you can play it like an electric for edgier, darker music.... :)  

You can opt for a 4 to 6 strings with or without frets... (I'd be happy with a fretted viola or cello (craving sigh!!))


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